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  • Pia Nilsson

    Great job!

  • Alfonso


  • That’s awesome you’re a doing this for your family. I’ve just recently been diagnosed with Celiacs and our son tested positive for gluten sensitivity. I’m trying to make us a gluten free family, but it’s hard when they know how tasty bread is, they feel like I’m punishing them by taking it away. How can I achieve this without the fight everyday?

  • Oops. Wrong blog address. Here it is.
    Already I can see from your article that going Gluten free isn’t possible without tears at first. I’m impressed at your steadfastness and patience. Do you mind if I repost your article on my blog? It is such a gift that you’re giving away. Thank you SO much.

  • Rahila N Habu

    Great Job.
    Send to me the ebook Please

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