Packaged Paleo Snacks: 5 Lists of Convenient, On-the-Go Paleo Snacks (25 snack options)

I think that we can all agree that staying paleo while traveling presents a bit of a challenge, especially, if you are new to the paleo lifestyle. Whether you’re in a plane, train, or on an epic family road trip, having quality packaged paleo snacks while on the go is vital to the success of the trip.

Looking for packaged paleo snacks for your next road trip or for your kid's lunch? Here are 25 convenient, on-the-go paleo snacks to help make life easier

Paleo Snacks “SimpliFived”

I’ve created 5 Lists of 5 Packaged Paleo Snacks. These lists of 5 are not simply full of snacks that you can only find at a Whole Foods-type store, but most of them are widely available at stores like Target & Wal-Mart or even a local gas station. Whether you are just out running errands, looking for paleo snacks for your kiddos school lunch, or in the middle of nowhere-ville Kansas, you can find convenient paleo snacks to keep you and your family healthy.

Finding Paleo Snacks for Traveling

Typically, we make most of our snacks at home or simply rely on fresh fruit. Last week, we drove 5-hours with our oldest son (age 11). We would be away from home and an oven for 3 days. I had to figure out some convenient paleo snacks to have both in the car and in the hotel during that time.

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Luckily, we’ve been paleo for 3 years now, so it wasn’t that hard to figure out some decent packaged paleo snacks. However, my son is on a rather restrictive diet for his autism that goes beyond a simple paleo diet, so it was important to find convenient paleo snack options that were low sugar as well. We’re on a pretty limited budget, so many of these snacks are relatively inexpensive.


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The Ultimate Guide to Packaged Paleo Snacks:

Paleo Snacks “Simplifived”

5 Lists of 5 Convenient, On-the-Go Paleo Snacks

Packaged Paleo Snack List: 25 of the best snacks to buy that will satisfy any craving. Sweet, salty, and savory snack ideas for work or the kid’s school. Make packing your kids lunch easy with these healthy store bought paleo snacks or low carb paleo chips.

Paleo Snacks “SimpliFived” List #1

Packaged Paleo Snacks: My 5 Favorites

1) Homemade:

Okay, okay, I know these technically do not count as packaged paleo snacks, but this is a huge part of our traveling strategy. Making our own paleo travel snacks helps us save a few bucks and ensure that we have plenty of snacks while in the car. This time around my wife made my ginger cookies and a couple batches of my breakfast bread (you can find that recipe in my free Ebook here) We’ve made our own jerky and crackers in the past too. Our homemade paleo snacks got us through the drive and through the first day in the hotel. We planned on visiting a Whole Foods near our hotel once we got there. Again, don’t worry. Most of these snacks are widely available, no Whole Foods required.

2) Freeze Dried Fruit
I’m a big fan of BARE apple chips. They give you a nice crunch with all the sweetness of a piece of candy, but without all the added sugar. It’s simply freeze dried apples nothing else. Don’t get these confused with dried fruit. Those are chewy. Freeze dried fruit are crunchy and I think much tastier. Freeze dried mangos, bananas, and berries are available too, but my favorite is the apple chips.

3) Coconut Chips

Coconut chips are usually toasted coconut that is flavored in some way. There are a variety of different brands and flavors. Use caution when buying these convenient paleo snacks. Many have added sugar. It’s not a ton of sugar, but if you’re looking to stay strictly paleo, you need to avoid sugar (as it is not paleo). My favorite is the spicy coconut chips by BARE. If you like to plan ahead, you can order this nice variety pack on Amazon, but again some will have some sugar added to it. 

4) Nut Butters

Nut butters may not seem like a paleo travel snack, but they do make squeeze pouches of nut butters that one can enjoy while driving the family cross-country or on an airplane. Make sure you look at the ingredients and avoid preservatives, sugar, and unhealthy oils (canola, sunflower, safflower, soy…) Justin’s is a good clean brand that makes a variety of Almond Butter flavors. Again, if you’re a planner you can order Justin’s here on Amazon. Not a planner? Don’t worry; Justin’s almond butters are available at most grocery, Wal-Mart and Target stores too. (note: peanuts are legumes and thus peanut butter is not paleo)

5) Hail Merry Treats

These packaged paleo snacks are divine! Unfortunately, they are typically only available at a health food grocer such as Whole Foods or Sprouts. You may get lucky and find them at nicer grocery stores though, so no harm in checking. These treats are not the cheapest thing, but they are well worth the indulgence. Our favorite is the chocolate almond butter tart. #YUM Note: Hail Merry treats always seem to be in a different place at every store, so ask if you don’t see them. They’re not where you’d think they should be.

Paleo “SimpliFived” List #2

5 Packaged Paleo Snacks when In a Pinch

Picture this: you were a good parent and spent a couple hours making homemade paleo travel snacks for your family road trip. After a couple hours, the kids start asking for snack. You open the cooler and shout, “Oh NO!” It seems your water bottle has spilled all over your delicious home cooked snacks are now a soggy mess. To make matters worse, the kids are hungry and you’re now in nowhere-ville, USA.

Perhaps, your situation isn’t this dramatic. Maybe you’re just running late and only have time to stop at the gas station on the way to work. Either way, there are paleo snack options to find at even the smallest gas stations. I went to 3 different gas stations to make sure that each one had all 5 of the packaged paleo snacks listed here.

1) Don’t Go Nuts. Just eat some Nuts:

Probably an obvious paleo snack and not one that is very exciting. However, you can find a bag of almonds or sunflower seeds almost anywhere. You may have to settle for a bit of bad oil if you opt for the roasted nuts. They’re usually cooked in cheap oil like safflower, or canola, but you’re in a pinch. Better to have a little bad oil now, than end up grabbing a donut or fast food later. Opt for the sunflower seeds still in the shell to reduce consumption of unhealthy oils. *Remember: peanuts are not nuts. They’re legumes and thus not paleo. BUT, they’re still better than a donut.*

2) Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Almost any gas station will have some type of fresh fruit or vegetable available. I found apples, bananas, grapes, carrots, & celery at the ones I visited. They may come with some type of dip or cheese, just toss those in the garbage and enjoy the fresh produce.

3) Beef Jerky

A good paleo jerky may be harder to find in some gas stations. Most jerkies have nitrates, preservatives, flavorings, and other garbage you don’t really want to eat. You may get lucky and find a clean brand, so check their labels. Natural jerky is becoming more widely available. I found a good brand at 2 of the 3 stores I visited, but they may be harder to find the more remote the town.

4) Pork Rinds

I was surprised to find that each of the 3 stores I visited had decent pork rinds without the bad oils. Check the labels to make sure there’s no added garbage, but you should be able to find pork rinds that make a nice paleo substitute to potato chips. (potatoes are not paleo)

5) Hard-Boiled Eggs

As if I wasn’t surprised enough to find good pork rinds, I was shocked to find hard-boiled eggs in the cooler of all 3 gas stations I visited. I guess this paleo thing is catching on. If you happened to pack some paleo mayo in your cooler, you could whip up a quick deviled egg even. Now, that’s a good paleo travel snack too!

Paleo Snacks “SimpliFived” List #3

5 Packaged Paleo Snacks: For the Adventurous

This list contains some on-the-go paleo snacks with a bit of a bolder flavor. Truth be told, I don’t like everything on this list, but you just might.

1) Toasted Seaweed

I pretty much dislike anything that comes out of the water, but many people, my wife included, enjoy a bit of toasted seaweed. They are a bit crispy and you can find them flavored as well. GimMe Snacks has some good organic flavor options you can find on Amazon. The sea salt flavor is widely available in stores.

2) Olives

Again, I’m not a fan, but many love pickled olives. You can find them everywhere, and they’re fairly cheap too. Look at your labels though. Many jarred olives contain preservatives, Kalamata olives are your best bet when looking at a big box store like Wal-Mart, but you can find olive bars at health food grocers too.

3) Guacamole

Now, that’s more like it. Guacamole is one of the healthiest paleo snacks you could eat. Grab some pork rinds or fresh veggies to dip and you got yourself a filling and convenient paleo snack. I’ve even seen guacamole at gas stations too, so check the cooler if you’re searching your local Mobil. You may get lucky.

4) Canned Tuna, Sardines, or Salmon

Here you have to be careful. You want to look for wild-caught fish as farmed fish, while paleo, is typically full of antibiotics. When it comes to tuna, make sure you get a really quality brand that tests for mercury. Tuna has one of the highest mercury levels of all fish, so you have to choose wisely. Safe Catch tuna tests all of their fish to ensure minimal mercury exposure, so if you plan ahead you can order on Amazon here. If you didn’t order online you can find Wild Planet tuna, salmon, & sardines at grocery stores and Targets. Wild Planet claims their fish is lower in mercury due to their fishing methods.

Canned sardines are a unique taste, but they are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. If you like the taste of sardines, go crazy. Personally, I mix salmon, sardines with guacamole and hot sauce. That’s not a packaged paleo snack. That’s a really healthy and tasty meal baby.

5) Kale Chips

Before you snarl your nose and say gross, give them a shot. They’re actually really good. They are typically only available at health food grocers. You can find them in a variety of flavors. One time, I bought a bag of BBQ kale chips for myself and BBQ pork rinds for my son. (Note: my son cannot have kale due to oxalate content) I thought surely, he wouldn’t want these. To my surprise, he asked for a chip. Thinking, “eh, he won’t like these,” I gave him one. He proceeded to reach for more and more and more. The pork rinds I bought for him went largely uneaten on the ride home. I’m telling you. They are actually really tasty. Check your labels for added sugar though. Don’t use the added sugar as a reason to buy a donut instead though. It’s not the same mister!

The Ultimate Guide to Packaged Paleo Snacks:

Paleo Snacks “Simplifived”

5 Lists of 5 Convenient, On-the-Go Paleo Snacks

Packaged Paleo Snack List: 25 of the best snacks to buy that will satisfy any craving. Sweet, salty, and savory snack ideas for work or the kid’s school. Make packing your kids lunch easy with these healthy store bought paleo snacks or low carb paleo chips.
Paleo Snacks “SimpliFived” List #4

5 Packaged Paleo Snacks for the Well-Prepared & Well-Funded

Everything in the lists above are things that our family eats regularly. The items listed here I cannot personally vogue for the taste. I can tell you the first 2 brands represent the cream of the crop in terms of food quality and paleo worthiness. The other 2 are popular paleo snacks in the caveman diet world. They aren’t the cheapest snacks you will find and that is why they’re in a separate category here.

1) Bulletproof Snacks

If you’ve been paleo for a while then chances are you know of Bulletproof Coffee. The concept of adding butter and MCT oil to your coffee has become quite popular. I personally enjoy butter in my coffee everyday. We have Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive to thank for that. Bulletproof has branched out to produce 3 best selling books, supplements, and now convenient paleo snacks. A frequent traveler himself, Dave Asprey created snacks as a way for him to have nutrient dense paleo snacks on the go. His company offers high quality chocolate bars and collagen protein bars. Check out his site or find Bulletproof products on Amazon.

2) Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen spawns from another giant in the Paleo community Mark Sisson. Mark’s website and books has been a major driver behind the surge in paleo dieters. Mark follows a primal diet which is very similar to paleo with some additions such as cultured dairy (yogurt) Truth be told, our family probably follows more of a primal diet than a paleo, but it’s close enough. Primal kitchen offers quality oils, condiments, & packaged paleo snacks. Again, I’ve never personally tried these but given Mark’s reputation, I trust him to have a really great product. You can find him through his website or get a good variety pack of his collagen protein bars on Amazon. I am starting to see Primal kitchen in stores now, so check your Whole Foods and see if they have them.

3) Plantain & Cassava Chips

Cassava is the latest trend in paleo cooking right now. We can now find a paleo substitute for potato chips in Cassava strips. According to the packaging, they’re great for dipping, so grab that guacamole and give these guys a try. So far, I’ve only found these online. Check them out on Amazon, or opt for a slightly sweeter version in plantain chips. Get both with this variety pack here.

4) Caveman Cookies

Cookies the way your great, great, great, Grandma used to make. I’ve never tried them but I hear they’re awesome, and I like their whole food approach. I’ve found them at Whole Foods once, but mostly I’ve seen them online. Amazon has a variety pack that lets you 6 different flavors. Keep in mind these are cookies, so they’re a treat. Just because they are paleo doesn’t mean you can eat the whole variety pack on one road trip. (although that may be impressive)

5) Amazon Paleo Snack Box

Looking for something you can order and be done with it in one fowl swoop. Here you go! While looking for paleo travel snacks to bring with us on our recent road trip, I stumbled upon this paleo snack box on Amazon. It contains many of the packaged paleo snacks I listed above and a few more too. 40 snacks in total for about 60 bucks, but they do have smaller boxes for cheaper too. If you looking for variety or are new to paleo and looking for good convenient paleo snacks this may be a good option for you. Get it here.


Paleo Snacks “SimpliFived” List #5

5 “Close Enough” Packaged Paleo Snacks: 

Honorable Mention

These next 5 snacks here are technically not paleo. It’s mostly because of added sugar & soy lecithin, but eaten sparingly some of these snacks can still be part of a healthy lifestyle.

1) Bark Thins

These chocolates can be found everywhere even in gas stations these days. They do have a fair amount of sugar and have soy lecithin, but are free from preservatives and GMOs. They are delicious and can make a nice bridge to fill the gap when making the transition from a standard American diet to paleo. Not all flavors are gluten free. Stick to the coconut, pumpkin seed, or almond flavors.

2) Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is quite good for you, but it’s next to impossible to find a true paleo chocolate bar that is not insanely expensive and widely available. Most if not all have added sugar and soy lecithin. Endangered Species Chocolates are very good bars relatively low in sugar and preservative and GMO free as well.

3) Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

I’ll be honest. This is like my kryptonite. Once you start eating this, it’s difficult to stop. It’s essentially an organic version of Nutella. It comes in jars or in the squeeze packs I mentioned earlier. (it’s not as widely available as the other flavors though) I eat it straight from the jar usually with a spoon. Remember that Friends episode where Joey was talking about peanut butter fingers? That may or may not be me in the car after buying this delicious almost paleo snack. Get it on Amazon here.

4) Epic Meat Bars

It may sound a little strange, but these meat bars are tasty. They all have a bit of added sugar, which makes them not true paleo snacks, but very close. There’s a variety of flavors and meats to choose from. Bison, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb & beef are available in different flavors. You can find them at Whole Foods or grab the variety pack on Amazon here. Epic also makes pork rinds & jerky that would do make for true packaged paleo snacks.

5) Hummus

My other almost-paleo kryptonite is red pepper hummus. I love it with some hot sauce. Doesn’t matter if I have chips or carrots, hummus is delish! The chick pea AKA garbanzo bean is not paleo so that makes hummus a no go paleo option. If you’re traveling or have limited options, you could do much worse than grabbing a pack of hummus. Check your labels. Try to avoid soy oil and preservatives.


Well, there you have it. My ultimate guide to packaged paleo snacks or Paleo Snacks Simplifived if you will. This 5 Lists of 5 On-the Go paleo snacks should be enough to get you through your traveling or help ease you into the paleo diet by adding a bit of convenience. For making it this far, I’ll give you two more ideas. Nestle Outshine popsicles are made from fruit juices and free from artificial garbage. They would make a nice paleo treat on a hot summer day. Also, look for squeezable fruit/veggie purees. For example, I know Target has one in their Simply Balanced brand called Apple & Spinach puree. It’s near the applesauce. Wishing you Healthy traveling and Happy Snacking.

What’s Your Favorite Travel or On-the Go Snack?

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