12 Non Candy Valentines Ideas For School (plus organic candy options)

If you’re looking for super easy, non candy Valentines ideas, then you’re in the right place. You’ll find plenty of ways to help your kiddo have fun at his school party without the harmful sugars, dyes, and preservatives.

At the same time, we don’t want our kids to feel left out, so I’ll share some natural and organic candies that you can feel good about allowing your kiddo to have.

Simple non candy valentines ideas for school. Find fun gift ideas that are perfect for everyone, preschoolers and toddlers, older boys and girls, and teachers can find some fun ideas too. I also included my favorite organic and allergy friendly candy options too.

Don’t You Just Hate School Parties?

As a parent, I’ve never been a fan of school parties. They’re usually more about junk food than they are about the holiday. Many times kids don’t even get to hang out and be social with their classmates.

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Some teachers will play a movie while the kids get to gorge on sugar-filled snacks. Who could blame them. We all know what sugar and food dyes can do to kids behavior, and teachers are aware of the anarchy-like classroom that can ensue. Playing a movie is one way teachers can control the environment.

Luckily, there are more teachers and parents, like you, looking beyond the junk food.

In this post:

You’ll find 12 non-candy Valentine’s ideas to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Because most will be handing out candy, these ideas may even help your kid become the coolest kid in the class.

12 Non Candy Valentines Ideas For School

Sensory toys are probably your best bet when it comes to non candy Valentines ideas. You’ll notice my first 5 ideas will provide lots of sensory fun.

**I have included Amazon links to all of my ideas. These are my affiliate links and by purchasing through these links you are supporting this website (and my family) at no extra cost to you.**

12 Non Candy Valentines Ideas For School

#1 Slime

Everyone likes like slime. Even grownups enjoy squishing and squashing slime. To keep cost under control, I’d recommend making your own.

You could also buy a big tub and split it up. Find a roll of cellophane paper, wrap a nice ball of slime, and tie it with a red or pink ribbon. You could even slap a Valentine sticker on it to make it a little more festive.

You could also get inexpensive plastic containers at the dollar store, and make it even easier.

#2 Kinetic Sand

Just like slime, most kids enjoy playing with sand too. Just like the slime, you can buy a big container of kinetic sand, and then split it up. You could also hide a special treat in the sand. (like an army man, stickers…etc).

#3 Play-doh (has gluten) Model Magic (gluten free)

Again, same idea as the first two. Buy a bigger container and split it up, adding Valentine’s stickers to make it more festive. Play-do is much more inexpensive, so you may even find small containers and keep it simple. However, Play-doh does contain gluten, so it may not be suitable for kids following a GF or GFCF diet.

#4 Stretchy Toys

You can usually find some type of stretchy toy or animal at your local dollar store. I found this set on Amazon that has 21 different pieces that may be perfect for your kid’s class. Not to worry, it’s on Amazon Prime, so free 2 day shipping gets it here in time for Valentines!

12 Non Candy Valentines Ideas For School
#5 Stress Balls

These may be a little bit more costly to buy in the stores, but I did find a great set on Amazon. They are emoji stress balls, so they’re double the fun at a reasonable price. *Although, your child’s teacher may not be too thrilled 😉

#6 Balloons

What’s more festive than balloons!! Even better, they are an easy and cheap option that your kiddo can handout with their Valentines cards. If you have a good teacher, perhaps they would spread out the desk and create a big game of balloon volley during the party!
**What do you say teachers? Would you be up for that? **


12 Non Candy Valentines Ideas For School


#7 Glow Sticks

Not sure why, but kids just love glow sticks, which is great for us parents. They are super cheap. You can find packs of 10-20 at the dollar store. Talk about an easy non candy Valentines idea!!

#8 Slap Bracelets

When I was a kid, I remember getting my first slap bracelet and thinking it was the coolest thing. They are still just as cool today, but they may be tougher to find in the stores. Luckily, you can easily find them on Amazon at a great price. Check out this 52 pc party pack. 

Simple non candy valentines ideas for school. Find fun gift ideas that are perfect for everyone, preschoolers and toddlers, older boys and girls, and teachers can find some fun ideas too. I also included my favorite organic and allergy friendly candy options too.

12 Non Candy Valentines Ideas For School
#9 Temporary Tattoos and Stickers

Another easy non candy option is stickers and tattoos. This may be a better idea for younger kids, but check out these Fortnite tattoos I found on Amazon. You just know the boys and girls in your kid’s class will love them. Just make sure you take out any of the weapon/gun tats as they are not allowed in school.

#10 Stamps

A great idea for kids is plastic stamps. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and lots of fun. I found this 50 pc set of emoji stamps on Amazon. (can you tell I love Amazon)

#11 Watercolor paints & crafts

For the younger kids, you bring watercolor paint sets. You can usually find these for just a buck. Target even has special paint projects in their dollar section.

#12 Playing Cards

This may be the most out of the box of all my non candy Valentines ideas, but you can actually find sets of playing cards of under a dollar at the dollar store. I found a pack of 3 at my local Dollar Tree. You can also grab them off Amazon for about $1 a deck.

12 Non Candy Valentines Ideas For School
Bonus: Hit the party aisle

If you head to your local Target and check out the different party favors. You can find a whole assortment of affordable gifts like cars, bouncy balls, bubbles, noise makers, and even slime. You could buy a variety of items and allow your child’s classmates to pick their favorite from a box.

Organic, Natural, & Allergy Friendly Treats

Just in case you still want to offer a healthier candy option to your kids, here are a few reliable brands that offer organic and allergy friendly gummies, fruit snacks, and even chocolates. They may be tough to find as you typically have to buy them from a Whole Foods or natural grocer.

Of course, you can always click the links below to buy them from Amazon.

Enjoy Life
Allergy Free- Chocolate Hearts

Fruit Snacks
Sour Twists
Gummy Bears

Black Forest
Gummy Hearts