Green Enough To Be Healthy, Chill Enough To Be Happy w/Leah Segedie

Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier by detoxing your home, diet, & lifestyle.

We are exposed to thousands of dangerous chemicals every single day, and these chemicals are impacting your family’s health. The good news is there are simple changes you can make that will allow you to avoid the biggest threats to your health and happiness.

Green Enough To Be Healthy, Chill Enough To Be Happy w/Leah Segedie-ep 12: Eat better, live cleaner, be happier by detoxing your home, diet, & lifestyle. We are exposed to 1000s of chemicals everyday, & these chemicals are impacting our family’s health. Find out how simple changes can help you avoid the biggest threats to our health & happiness.

The Happy Healthy Family Podcast Episode 12

Green Enough To Be Healthy, Chill Enough To Be Happy w/Leah Segedie

I welcome Leah Segedie. She is the founder of the Mamavation community, an author, & activist. In her book, “Green Enough” Leah guides you through making the best choices possible for your families health.

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Leah and I discuss hormone disrupting chemicals and their impacts on our health and our children’s health. Hormones are incredibly important for our health and our kids’ development, and these chemicals mimic our hormones and do real damage to our health and happiness. 

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Before writing her first book and creating her huge Mama Empire online, she was just like many of us.  She led the standard American life: overweight using lots of conventional cleaning products and personally care products , and ate lots of fast food,

Wake Up Call

BUT, then like many of us, she had a wake up call that opened her eyes to a whole new world . It was this wake up call that helped her find better health and her desire to give back. She created the mamavation blog and community, and she has become an effective advocate for issues affecting our health and environment.

Currently, she is putting pressure on Target to reformulate their BPA filled receipt paper, which we talk about as well.

Episode Outline
  • Last Book was Children and Environmental Toxins by Dr. Phil Landrigan
  • How Leah went from avoiding “green moms” to leading them
  • What it means to be Green Enough To Be Healthy but Chill Enough To Be Happy
  • How little changes add up to big lifestyle changes
  • Why Leah thinks you should change your food choices last
  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) carries $300+ billion cost to our health and lost wages each year
  • Flame retardants are one of the biggest threats to our health
  • Why dusting makes a HUGE impact on your indoor air quality
  • Artificial fragrances expose us to 1,000s of chemicals every day
  • Boys are especially vulnerable to phthalates and may prevent us from having grandkids
  • How these chemicals can cause smog inside our homes
  • What are EDCs -Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
  • Lower IQ, behavior and developmental issues, depression, anxiety, and cancer stem from EDCs exposure
  • When you’re most vulnerable to EDCs
  • Dose does not equal poison. A tiny amount can impact your health
  • Battle between pediatricians and scientists vs. FDA on how EDCs are evaluated
  • Indirect Food Additives and snot burgers
  • Why you may want to change food packaging before making food changes
  • Safer cookware options
  • 3 things that create leaching from packaging or food prep
  • Why you should bring your own cup to Starbucks
  • How we can reduce flame retardants in our homes
  • Do what you can, go at your own pace
  • Why Leah is petitioning Target to reformulate their receipt paper


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