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What is the Happy Healthy Family Podcast

The Happy Healthy Family (HHF) podcast is a natural health and wellness podcast for families.

Each episode, I’ll bring on an expert guest to discuss holistic health topics ranging from food and diet(gluten free, dairy free, paleo), to non-toxic living, stress, sleep, and all things natural health.    

Happy Healthy Family Podcast

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The major emphasis of the show is to give parents practical and affordable advice to help them get healthy and raise healthy kids We will also talk about many of the chronic issues facing our kids today such as food allergies, anxiety, ADHD, and autism.

The Happy Healthy Family Podcast will cover a variety of topics related to natural health and raising a happy healthy family. As a father of a child on the autism spectrum, there will be episodes discussing topics relevant to autism as well.

Ep 01 Essential Oils: Retha Neismith Certified Aromatherapist with Plant Therapy

Retha Nesmith is the marketing manager and certified aromatherapist with Plant Therapy.  Retha and I discussed the how to buy good, quality essential oils, and how to use them safely. We also discussed a few specific ways that oils can help improve our everyday lives.

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Ep 02 Why You Should Teach Kids to Cook with Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship

Katie is chief mess-maker and work-in-progress mom of 4 from Michigan. She created Kitchen Stewardship and Kids Cook Real Food. She teaches kids to cook! “When kids learn to cook, they eat healthier foods, grow into responsible adults and help out their families right away.”

Katie and I discussed raising kids with good values and getting them involved in the kitchen.

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Ep 03 Keto For Families: Maria and Craig Emmerich of Keto-Adapted

Maria and Craig are the husband wife team behind Maria Mind Body Health and Keto-adapted. They have been raising their family on the ketogenic diet for over a decade.

They were keto long before it was cool.

Maria Emmerich has also written many keto cookbooks and is a world renowned speaker on the ketogenic diet.

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Ep 04 Gut Health with Cara Comini of Health, Home, and Happiness 

Cara has been helping families overcome health issues by teaching them about a variety of topics including the GAPS Diet, overcoming picky eating, efficient meal planning, and her newest endeavor the GAPS Keto Diet.

In this interview, Cara told the fascinating story of healing her daughter’s gut through diet. This healing helped her daughter eventually lose her autism diagnosis.

Cara’s goal with Health, Home, and Happiness is to encourage the average family that eating real wholesome foods is something that is a priority in our lives and can realistically be done in any family.

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Ep 05 Raising Mindful Kids with Dr. Christopher Willard

Dr. Christopher Willard is a licensed psychotherapist, Harvard professor, educational consultant, and author. He’s written several books on mindfulness including “Growing Up Mindful” and “Raising Resilience“.

In our conversation, we talked about the importance of modeling mindfulness for our kids, why it’s important to teach kids mindfulness, and how it can help us become better parents as well. Dr. Willard also gave several examples of quick informal practices to help you and your children be more mindful.

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Ep 06 Lyme Disease with Dr. Nicola Ducharme

Dr. Nicola Ducharme is a naturopathic doctor specializing in Lyme Disease. She’s written 4 books on the subject and also offers online courses on Lyme, Family Wellness, and Essential Oils. She also blogs at The Naturopathic Mama.

In this interview, Dr. Nicola discussed how to protect yourself from ticks to prevent infection. We discussed chronic Lyme, and she also gave us some actionable advice for those that may be effected.

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Ep 07 Traditional Cooking and Fermented Foods with Wardee Harmon

Wardee Harmon has been teaching people how to cook using traditional wisdom for years. She is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Fermented Foods, and the creator Traditional Cooking School and GNOWFLINS.

Wardee and I will be talking about how these traditional cooking methods make our foods healthier. We will also be discussing how to make fermented foods at home.

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Ep 08 Candida with Paula Miller CHS of Whole Intentions 

Paula is a Certified Health Specialist, metabolic coach, and homeschooling mom of six. Several family health issues involving candida, Lyme Disease, and weight gain have created a passion to help those with recurring candida and stubborn weight due to gut health.

In our interview, we went in depth into the many aspects of Candida. We discussed her personal battle with Candida and Lyme Disease, the most common symptoms, and she gave us some advice on how to start treating the Yeast Beast.

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Ep 09 Elimination Diets For Eczema with Emily Brown of Naturally Free Life

Emily Brown is my guest on this episode, and she has dealt with severe eczema in both of her children. Emily believes food is the main cause for her kid’s symptoms, so she turned to elimination diets to help.

We discuss various elimination diets, food chemicals, and managing eczema flares. Find out exactly what is eczema, common triggers and foods to avoid. Plus Emily gives us 3 tips for parents looking to beat eczema.

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Ep 10 Is Tylenol To Blame For The Autism Epidemic with Dr. William Parker

While most docs believe acetaminophen is perfectly safe, there is compelling research that shows this popular over the counter medicine comes with great risks. Children given Tylenol or acetaminophen are more likely to develop autism, asthma, ADHD, lowered IQ, and behavior problems.

My guest on this episode of the podcast is Dr. William Parker, professor at Duke University. Dr. Parker is a well respected scientist and researcher. He led a team of researchers from Harvard and Duke who reviewed all the studies done on acetaminophen in children.

Their team published a peer-reviewed critical review of this research. This critical review led Dr. Parker to firmly believe that Tylenol (acetaminophen) is a major contributor to the autism epidemic.

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Ep 11 How A Fever Is A Wonderful Thing with Dr. Paul Thomas

Treating fevers in kids, when to worry, and why fevers are actually a good thing. Plus, we discuss flu shots, alternatives to acetaminophen, and how phones/screens are messing up our kids’ brains.

I welcome Dr. Paul Thomas to the show. Dr. Paul is a best selling author & holistic pediatrician with a huge practice. Dr. Paul is committed to helping parents make informed and proactive decisions about their children’s health and well-being.

Dr. Paul and I discuss how and when to treat a fever without acetaminophen. Plus, we talk about navigating a doctor’s visit or trip to the ER where the standard of treatment is to reflexively give acetaminophen.

Dr. Paul and I also discuss flu shots and how the scary statistics we see on the news are quite misleading. We finish the podcast by discussing his new book, The Addiction Spectrum. We pay particular attention to how our children’s addiction to phones and screens are messing up their brains.

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Ep 12 Green Enough To Be Healthy, Chill Enough To Be Happy with Leah Segedie

I welcome Leah Segedie. She is the founder of the Mamavation community, an author, & activist. In her book, “Green Enough” Leah guides you through making the best choices possible for your families health.

Leah and I discuss hormone disrupting chemicals and their impacts on our health and our children’s health. Hormones are incredibly important for our health and our kids’ development, and these chemicals mimic our hormones and do real damage to our health and happiness.

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Ep 13 Traditional Chinese Medicine For Today’s Ailments with Michael Max

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest forms of medicine that has been healing people of a variety of ailments from pain, allergies, stress, and even fertility for over 2000 years.

In this episode, we discuss the basics of Chinese Medicine. We also discuss our own introductions to TCM, and how we both went from highly skeptical to avid believer in this ancient form of medicine and healing.

My guest is Michael Max, acupuncturist, herbalist, and TCM practitioner. He’s worked & studied in Beijing,Taiwan and he has over 20 years of clinical experience. He also has 2 podcasts on Traditional Chinese Medicine: Everyday Acupuncture (for the everyday person) Qiological (more for practitioners)

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Ep 14: EMFs and Our Health with Peter Sullivan

I welcome EMF expert Peter Sullivan. He is a former tech head turned wireless safety advocate. Through his work in Silicon Valley with high-tech companies like Netflix, Peter helped build a lot of the technology we have today.

After discovering how EMFs affected his family’s health, he is now on a mission to raise awareness on wireless safety.

Peter helps us better understand what exactly EMFs are and he gives us simple steps we can do to reduce our EMF exposure at home. We also discuss what electromagnetic fields are doing to our health.

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Ep 15 Create A Big Vision For Your Family w/Melanie Moore

I welcome Melanie Moore. She is an EFT tapping expert and mindset coach who teaches people how to create a vision for themselves and then helps them achieve their dreams.

We discuss creating a vision for your family, vision boards, & other tools to help us make our vision a reality. We also discuss overcoming limiting beliefs, fears & worry by using EFT tapping.

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Ep 16 Is Hidden Toxic Mold Making your Family Sick w/Dr. Scott Richmond

I welcome Dr. Scott Richmond to the show. Dr. Scott is a chiropractor, and health coach with firsthand experience with toxic mold. After battling & overcoming mold illness, he is now committed to helping others find health and happiness.

Dr. Scott and I discuss the symptoms of mold exposure, detoxifying mold toxins, and how to and recover from biotoxin illness. We also talk about prevention & remediation as well as ways to protect our families from the harmful effects of mold.

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Ep 17 The Right Steps To Healing Chronic Illness w/Dr Jay Davidson

I welcome Dr. Jay Davidson to the show. Dr. Jay is a chiropractor and health coach specializing in chronic Lyme Disease. After helping his wife overcome a debilitating chronic illness, he figured out the proper protocol order to finally find heal chronic illness.

Dr. Jay and I discuss supporting drainage pathways to prepare the body for detox, why you must address parasites before detoxing or going after other chronic infections.

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Ep 18 Herbs For Health & Healing w/Devon Young

We discuss tinctures, extracts, & other herbal preparations, growing our own herbs, and the best herbs for health and healing (sleep, energy, mental health & more).

I welcome Devon Young, herbalist & author of The Backyard Herbal Apothecary. She is a homesteader who also shares her knowledge on her website Devon also has a degree in Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

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Ep 19 How To Detox Your Brain w/Dr Christine Shaffner **3/25/19**

I talk with Dr Christine about a little known system called the glymphatic system, it’s role in detoxifying our brains, and the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Dr Christine gives us tips on how to improve our sleep as well as how to optimize our brain’s ability to get rid of toxins and waste.

Ep 20 Single Dad, Raising A Son With Severe Autism in New York City w/Ken Siri

Ken Siri is a single Dad with sole custody of his 19 year old son Alex. Alex has autism and is nonverbal. The 2 of them live in New York City.

We talked about diagnosis, learning ways to help his son through traditional therapy and biomedical means, living in the big city with autism, and staying positive through it all.


Upcoming Podcasts Guests:

Robby Besner: The Healing Power Of Infrared Saunas

Possible Future Podcast Episodes Will Cover

  • Autism
  • Diet
  • Nutrition
  • Detox
  • Genetics
  • EMFs
  • Natural Remedies
  • Non-Toxic Living
  • Reducing Stress
  • Improving Sleep
  • And all things family

What would you like to learn more about?

Do you have a good topic in mind or would you like to be a guest? Leave a comment below or send me an email at [email protected]


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