Which Essential Oil Companies Can You Trust?

If you’ve ever had a headache, stuffy nose, or itchy bug bite, then chances are you have a friend that has recommended an essential oil to help. Essential oils are awesome, and I’m excited to see their popularity continue to rise. With the surge in popularity comes many new essential oil companies hoping to ride the wave.

But, how do we know which essential oil companies to trust, and which ones actually produce a quality product?

In this post, I’ll share:
  • guidelines to help you decide where to buy your essential oils
  • a few reliable brands for quality essential oils
  • why I left one of the most popular essential oil companies
  • my new favorite essential oil company

Which essential oil companies can you trust make pure essential oils? I was a loyal Young Living customer for years. After some comparison, I now choose Plant Therapy to provide my family with the best essential oils. Here’s why I choose Plant Therapy over other companies like doTerra. Plus, I give you tips and guidelines to help you find your own favorite EO company.

Which Essential Oils Companies Can You Trust? 


Let’s start where I started

When I first started buying oils, I simply bought the brand at the local health food store. However, I was quickly told that those were inferior oils, and I really shouldn’t be using them. (more on this later)

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The company that I then decided to buy from was Young Living Oils.

Why did I go with Young Living In The Beginning?

I went with Young Living because they came highly recommended. My wife and I were part of an autism parent support group of several hundred, and many of them used Young Living Oils. The moms in this group were very smart and well-researched, so I was inclined to trust their judgement.

I was a loyal customer for years, and I was perfectly happy with them. I loved their oils, and I still believe that the oils they make are high quality.

So, Why Leave Young Living

While I still believe in the product, there were things about Young Living that I did not like.

First and Foremost

I did not like that they were a multilevel marketing company (MLM). If you’re not familiar with MLMs, that means that customers become the sellers. People earn an income by getting their friends, family, and anyone else to sign up as members. Then, each time a member makes a purchase, they earn a small percentage.

My fellow parents in our support group would often recommended specific oils that were higher priced. They also sold me on a premium starter kit I couldn’t afford, and they got me to sign up to a monthly order minimum. Little did I know, that they were all working together to build their essential oil sales.

Thinking back, I realize that the push to go with Young Living was not unbiased. Remember, the parents that told me the oils from the health food store were no good? I didn’t realize at the time, but they were Young Living Reps who built their business selling these oils.

Let Me Be Clear

I do not blame these Moms for earning an income, nor do I think they did anything wrong. They were doing their jobs, and they did believe in the product they were selling. I should have been more aware of the MLM status in the beginning because I severely underestimated the incentive it provided.

Which essential oil companies can you trust make pure essential oils? I was a loyal Young Living customer for years. After some comparison, I now choose Plant Therapy to provide my family with the best essential oils. Here’s why I choose Plant Therapy over other companies like doTerra. Plus, I give you tips and guidelines to help you find your own favorite EO company.


Once I started blogging, I looked for ways to start earning an income from the information I wanted to share. Naturally, I considered selling Young Living Oils through my site. However, I didn’t want to do it by selling. I simply wanted to share how I used oils to overcome various acute health issues.

I quickly became frustrated as the company does not really allow you to share any real advice or ways to use the oils. It’s not Young Living’s fault though. The FDA cracked down on the big essential oil companies for making health claims, so that meant that the companies had to crack down on their sellers too.

Not being allowed to share my personal experience really made me feel censored, and for over a year, I decided to do neither. I didn’t sell or write about essential oils. However, I never stopped using them(because they are awesome).

They Are Expensive

I was well aware that Young Living Oils were higher priced oils, and I really hated that I had to pay for slow shipping even when I was spending $100-200 on an order. I accepted both of these because I believed I was getting a far superior product.

Let’s Be Real

To be 100% honest, the push to leave Young Living came from being a blogger. As a blogger, you have to find ways to earn a living, and I wanted to do it without being too “salesy”.

My family continues to use essential oils in some way every single day, and I wanted to share how we take advantage of them to make our lives better. This seemed like a natural fit for how I wanted to start earning an income without being a pushy salesmen.

I started looking into it more, and I discovered several other essential oil companies that appeared to produce a high quality product. I came up with a few guidelines to help me pick a new company.

Guidelines To Choosing An Essential Oil Company

  • 3rd Party Testing
  • Indigenous Sourcing
  • Lower Price (would be nice-not required)
  • Affiliate Program

Even though the push to switch was financially motivated, I still had to believe in the product. I would not recommend a company I would not also use. My new company would have to meet a couple guidelines before I would make the switch.

3rd Party Testing

The company would have to have a 3rd party test their oils for quality, and also provide these test results to their customers.

Indigenous Sourcing

Plants grown in their natural environment produce better quality oils that have the healing properties you’re looking for in an essential oil. It’s also a more sustainable way to grow the plants making it better for the environment. The company I went with had to source their oils from its’ indigenous environment.

Lower Price

While this certainly was not a huge factor, I was definitely looking for a better price on the oils. If I could find one that didn’t make me pay for shipping that’d be great too.

Affiliate Program

Here’s where you get a little behind the scenes to the blogging world. An affiliate program is something that many companies offer us bloggers for recommending products to our readers.

The good, honest bloggers (like me) only make recommendations based on personal use and experience. I was looking to find a company that offered an affiliate program, but also made a quality product I would also use for my family.

Caution: Watch Out For Clever Marketing

You’ll notice that I do not have Pure or Therapeutic Grade listed as a criteria for my new essential oil company.

That is because those 2 words are really meaningless, which is why the super cheap bottles at Walmart have them printed on their labels. It’s just marketing.

There are no rules that say how good your product must be in order to put those 2 terms on the label. Therefore, because something says pure or therapeutic grade does not mean it’s a good product.

Reliable Essential Oil Companies

There are a handful of reliable essential oil companies that you can choose to buy your oils from. The list below is not an extensive list. I am sure they are also others, but these are the ones I looked into and believe are reputable sources.

Of course I ruled out Young Living and doTerra because they’re both MLM companies.

    • Reliable Essential Oil Companies
    • Young Living (MLM)
    • doTerra (MLM)
    • Rocky Mountain Oils
    • Eden Gardens
    • Mountain Rose Herbs
    • Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

3 Words Led Me to My New Essential Oil Company

I was about ready to sign up for Rocky Mountains Oils affiliate program when these 3 glorious words popped up on a Google Ad: “Free Fast Shipping”. As I said earlier, I hated paying for 5-10 day shipping with Young Living, so I was eager to check out this ad.

This led me to one of the up and coming essential oil companies: Plant Therapy.

Which essential oil companies can you trust make pure essential oils? I was a loyal Young Living customer for years. After some comparison, I now choose Plant Therapy to provide my family with the best essential oils. Here’s why I choose Plant Therapy over other companies like doTerra. Plus, I give you tips and guidelines to help you find your own favorite EO company.

Plant Therapy: My New Favorite Place to Buy Essential Oils

The first thing I noticed when I clicked to the Plant Therapy website was a link titled “quality”. Of course, this was exactly what I was looking for, so maybe that’s why I noticed it right away. I was quickly pulled in by the company’s mission statement.

“Our ultimate goal is not to be the largest essential oil company; it is to positively impact the lives of as many people as humanly possible. Ultimately, I feel this is possible only by providing our customers with an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back. By selling such a high quality product at an affordable price, we not only positively affect the lives of our customers, it also gives us the financial means by which we can help those who are less fortunate to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.”

After clicking around a bit more, I learned that Plant Therapy meets all of my guidelines. (yep all of them) They source their oils from indigenous plants and do extensive testing to ensure quality. You can even find these test results quite easily on their website.

They also decided not use the misleading term of “therapeutic grade” on their labels, which I very much like.

Quality Oils For Less and Free Shipping!!!

What’s really exciting to me is the lower prices. Not only do they produce a quality product, but it is way cheaper than Young Living and with free 2 -5 day shipping!!! Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Here are a couple price comparisons for some of my favorite essential oils
Plant Therapy (10ml bottle) Young Living (15ml bottle)
Lavender $6.95 $24.25
Tea Tree $7.95 $26.75
Rosemary $7.95 $16
Peppermint $7.49 $22
Starter Kit $139.99 $160.00
Checks All The Boxes

For me, Plant Therapy checks all the boxes. They offer a good, high quality product that I now use for my family while at the same time saving me a ton of money. I can now order only when I need to instead of being required to meet a monthly minimum purchase (like Young Living required).

The company also offers a decent affiliate program for bloggers like me, and I now have a little more flexibility to share some of the ways our family utilizes essential oils.

Plant Therapy has great customer service reviews, and they offer a Kid Safe line, so parents can easily know which oils are safe to use on their children.

If you’re looking to get started with oils or just wondering which essential oil companies you can trust, I recommend Plant Therapy. It’s what I chose for my family.

If you want to learn even more on how to use essential oils or to learn more about Plant Therapy, check out my interview with their aromatherapist and unofficial spokeswoman, Retha Nesmith.

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    I don’t care what essential oil anyone uses. I do care that misinformation is written here. I do use Young Living, and you DO NOT have to buy monthly. The only thing you have to do to keep your member discount is to buy $50 worth over 12 months. And even then, if you let your account “expire”, all you have to do is place an order and you go right back to getting your discount (with that order).

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