About Me:

Hi. My name is Dave, and I’m Simply a Dad. I’m not a doctor, dietician, or nutritionist. I’m Simply a Dad to an incredible 2-year-old baby girl. No best selling author here, and I’m certainly not a high-performance endurance athlete. I’m Simply a Dad to an inspirational 9 year-old soI'm Simply a Dadn. I don’t have impressive credentials. I’m no former tech giant turned health guru, nor am I a trained chef. I’m Simply a Dad to a 10 year-old son with a smile that lights up my heart. I am Simply a Dad and husband with an abundance of passion towards living a clean, wholesome lifestyle in order to raise my family happy and healthy.


The path to better health: The short version.

Through a lifetime of bad eating habits and poor lifestyle choices, I was an unhealthy young man. At 30, I was 100 pounds overweight, sad, hopeless, and sick. When my son, Ethan, was diagnosed with autism in 2010, it set me down an alternative path to helping heal him and decrease the severity of his behaviors and other health ailments that accompanied his autism diagnosis. A gluten and dairy free diet for my then I'm Simply a Dad3-year-old son was the starting point. From that point on, I tirelessly researched online, read books, listened to podcasts about health, diet, & lifestyle.

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Through this research, I learned about the perils of the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). I discovered that toxins like glyphosate, heavy metals, mold, VOCs, and phthalates are ubiquitous in our world, and our immune system is working overtime due to these toxins in our food and environment.

After years of a specialized, healthy diet for my son, he was getting healthier while I was getting fatter, sadder, and sicker. Enough was enough, I took the plunge and changed my own habits. I started the same way he did, with a gluten free diet. My wife joined me a few months later giving up gluten and eventually dairy. This eventually led us towards the paleo diet. It’s been about 3 years and now we are a paleo(ish) kind of family. My wife and I have lost about 120 pounds together and we have kept the weight off with ease.

Today, the family has fully adopteI'm Simply a Dadd this healthy lifestyle, and this includes our other two kiddos: 9 year-old Gavin and our little girl 2 year-old Kaitlyn. We continue to work towards healing Ethan’s symptoms in hopes of helping him be the best Ethan he can be. My happiness has improved and I continue to follow a path towards better health. My wife has drastically reduced her once severe asthma and allergies and just completed her healthiest pregnancy yet. Gavin and Kaitlyn are enjoying good health thanks to this healthy lifestyle. I decided to write this blog to help friends, family, and anyone else learn from the path in which we took.


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