Sugar Free, Vegetable Cake Icing


Recently, I made my daughter, Kaitlyn’s, 1st birthday smash cake using meatloaf instead of cake. For the icing, I used vegetable purees. It was actually quite simple. You’ll find the simple recipe below, but basically all you need are cooked vegetables blended with grass-fed butter and/or organic palm shortening.   For Kaitlyn’s flower cake, I made pink, green, orange, and red icing. I opted to use turnip puree as the base coat (or white icing) rather than cauliflower because it can sometimes cause gas/bloating. I didn’t want to give our baby girl an upset tummy on her first birthday.  You could also use potatoes and makeIMG_5654 a traditional mashed potatoes for the icing. I opted not to because of the poor nutrition value of potatoes.

*Mix ingredients together using a hand-mixer or blender until you get the right consistency. Amounts are estimates. Use more or less depending on the size of cake/meatloaf. I quick boiled my root veggies because it’s the fastest way to cook them, but use your favorite cooking method.



3 peeled & cooked turnips (also would make a white base coat)

1 tbl spoon of a roasted beet juice

½ cup palm shortening & ½ cup of grass fed butter


1 cup of butternut squash

¼ cup organic palm shortening


2 cups steamed peas

1 cup of steamed spinach (gives a much deeper green color)

½ cup palm shortening


1 cooked beet

1/3 cup of your orange icing

** Try this** Bake your meatloaf in a muffin pan. Pipe the “icing” atop the muffins to make a fun dinner, “meatloaf cupcakes”.


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