Best Quote from Buddy the Elf

What’s Your Favorite Quote from Buddy the Elf?

Christmas season is here! That means I get to pull our big stack of Christmas movies out of storage. Everyone has their favorite set of holiday flicks. Heather & I started buying one new Christmas movie every year since before we were married. After 13 years of marriage, we’ve accumulated quite a few holiday movies. What’s great about Christmas movies is that they are all family friendly. From classics like Frosty to new comedies like Fred Claus, we get enjoy these each year as a family.quote from buddy the elf

One of our favorites is the movie Elf. The movie has so many quotable one-liners and each family member has their favorite quote from Buddy the Elf. In the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer, I thought it would be fun to create a “March Madness” style tournament to determine the best quote from Buddy the Elf.

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We all sat down the night before Thanksgiving and wrote down the best lines from the movie. We came up with a list of 16 quotes from Buddy the elf. I created the bracket below. You’ll notice 2 teams: Holly & Jolly. Team Jolly is composed of lines we think are just funny while the Team Holly consists of quotes reminiscent of the Christmas spirit. Quotes will go head to head starting right after Thanksgiving, and we will crown the definitive best quote from Buddy the Elf just before Christmas.


The definitive tournament to determine the best quote from Buddy the Elf.

quote from buddy the elf

Each week I will put up the competitors, and I will ask you to vote on which one(s) are better. You can also cast your vote in the comments at the bottom of this page. You may also cast a vote on Facebook or Instagram or all 3!!!. Let’s have some fun, and spread a little Buddy the Elf Christmas cheer.


Vote for your favorite Buddy the Elf line!! (click here)

Final Round

Team Holly  

Smiling’s my Favorite  VS. He’s an Angry Elf


Team Jolly:

Which is better? Comment Smiling or Angry




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