Paleo Bread Bake Off

Here is another episode of It’s G.D. Cooking Time.bake off  This was a spur of the moment idea. We were cooking and I just decided to grab the camera and have a little fun. We had a blast making this episode. I hope you guys enjoy it and maybe try a little quick and easy paleo bread of your own.

A Little Background

For dinner the other night, I planned to make Tangy Taco Salad, a recipe from the Practical Paleo cookbook. It’s basically a meat and veggie mixture that you’d normally put inside a taco or burrito only you put it atop a bed of romaine. The kids love it.

Best Laid Plans

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.08.45 PMHowever, things didn’t turn out quite as I intended. See, the plan was to pick up Gavin from school and then stop by this local produce stand to pick up the lettuce.  I was about to start cooking when I realized, I completely forgot to stop at the stand when I picked him up.  My choices were to take all 3 kids back out to get the lettuce or come up with a new way to make sure everyone had enough to eat at dinner. If I went back out, that meant I wouldn’t have dinner ready when Mom got home from work. I stared in the fridge for a few minutes and then I remembered my lil sous chef Gavin. He’d been working on a paleo bread recipe for a couple weeks and he seemed to have perfected it. So, I asked him to go ahead and make it again for dinner. That way we could still have taco salad (minus the lettuce) with a little piece of paleo bread on the side.

Over Confident Lil Chef

I started grilling up the onions when I look over at Gavin making his bread in the Vitamix.
He did not have any cookbooks open, so I asked him, “what recipe are you following?”  He responds with, I’m not.  I look at his bread mix in the Vitamix and I had questions– LOTS of them. He basically said Dad chill out, this is how I made it last time. Don’t worry.

Throw Down: Father/Son Style

Bread competitionI’m watching my little 8 year old chef whip up his bread, and I thought ya know what would be fun- a friendly little competition. Gavin was more than game. He’s like yes! That sounds awesome!! Let’s do it!!!  So, I grabbed the video camera, and we recorded our second episode of It’s G.D. Cooking Time. If you like our video, please leave us a comment and let us know.  We have already made another episode and are in the middle of recording another.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel and don’t miss our kitchen shenanigans.

It’s G.D. Cooking Time: Friendly Bake Off 




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