Live with Ken Siri

Who is Ken Siri

Ken Siri, author, advocate, and entrepreneur, is the single father of an 19-year-old boy with autism. He has authored several books on autism and serves on the boards of the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter and The Atlas Foundation for Autism. He is also the subject of the documentary film Big Daddy Autism, currently in production. Learn more about Ken at

Highlights from our Conversation

Ken and I had a great conversation Live on Facebook. We heard about how Ken’s son regressed into autism around the age of 3. Going from counting to 10 in 3 languages to not speaking at all.

We also touched on vaccinations, and what led Ken to start looking at biomedical ways to treat his son’s autism.

Ken talked about some of the challenges living in New York City with a 19 year old nonverbal son, a scary story on nearly losing his son after he wandered out of their apartment building.  Through it all, we discussed why it’s important to stay positive and learning to transform instead of coping.




“Coping can help you survive, and transformation will help you thrive.” 
Our live video is on Facebook now, but you can watch the entire video right here. To help improve the audio and video of future broadcasts please support my Kickstarter. 

Things we Mentioned during the show


Big Daddy Autism Documentary

Big Daddy Autism is a feature length documentary film about the life of a divorced NYC father with sole custody of his non-verbal sixteen-year-old son on the autism spectrum. New York City, with all its beauty and chaos, is the backdrop for this tale of two men searching for ways to connect with the world around them.

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