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Autism Moms Rock

Autism Moms Rock: 5 Traits that Make Autism Moms So Amazing

Autism moms are nothing short of incredible. They love their kids unconditionally and will stop at nothing to ensure their kids have the support they need.

What Does Mom Really Want?

Mother's Day Gifts: What Mom Really Wants

Calling ALL Moms and GrandMoms. I’m working on a new post about Mother’s day and I need your input. This is a short 9 question survey asking you want you want for Mother’s Day. Help us Dads make your day as special as it deserves to be!

Mom’s Take My Mother’s Day Survey

An Honest Look into the Incredible and Isolating Life of an Autism Dad

What is it Like to Be an Autism Dad

Handling the autism diagnosis is hard enough, but build in the isolation that comes with being a stay at home autism Dad, and it’s so much harder. Focusing on the smiles of my kiddos and the small wins we see everyday help me get over the loneliness and my insecurities. Despite its hardships, life as an autism Dad is actually pretty fantastic.

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Holistic Approach to Autism

Holistic Approach to Autism

We don’t treat autism. We treat the symptoms associated with autism. The goal of our holistic approach to autism is to make a happier and healthier kid, so that he may be able to make progress in other areas.

Complete Guide to a Happy, Healthy Easter

Complete guide to a happy, healthy Easter for young children, autism kids, & special needs.

My complete guide to a happy, healthy Easter for young children & kids with autism. Get tips & ideas on egg hunts, natural egg dyeing, non-candy baskets & much more

Can a Footbath Help Autism?
Autism detoxification protocol Ion Cleanse Footbath

The magnitude of anecdotal evidence and testimonials from fellow autism parents lead me to believe the Ion Cleanse is an effective tool in the treatment of autism, and I am very anxious & excited to start treatment with my son.

3 Easy Recipes for Kid Friendly Fermented Foods

Kid Friendly Fermented Food Recipes

When it comes to promoting good health, nothing competes with fermented foods. Learn more & get 3 easy recipes to make kid friendly fermented foods at home. Ginger spice carrots, blueberries and honey, & Ginger Cinnamon Apples.

Why You Should Buy Local Grass-fed Beef Why you should buy local grass fed beef

Purchasing local beef is much more beneficial for the environment than feedlots as well as safer for you because of decreased contamination risk. 100 % grass fed, locally pastured beef is better, healthier, and safer for your family

Moving on After an Autism Meltdown

autism meltdown

Anxiety spikes & things spiral quickly. This is a story of an autism meltdown, my trouble coping afterward and how my son picked me up and help me move on.

Treating Autism with Diet

Treating Autism With Diet

The diet we are following will do many things like reduce inflammation, support mitochondria, kick-start detox, and fight off infections. We are treating autism with diet and using food as our medicine just as Hippocrates said so long ago.

Simply Paleo Ebook

Free Ebook

Subscribe to I’m Simply a Dad & get my free mini Ebook:

Simply Paleo: 10 Easy Recipes You can Prepare in 10 minutes or less.