Kids, “Drink Your Vegetables!” Green Smoothie Recipe

green smoothie recipeThe easiest way I’ve found to get your kids, or picky Dads like me, to eat their veggies is to put them in a juice or smoothie. Juicing or pureeing the veggie bypasses the awkward textures many veggies have. It’s much easier to drink a glass of broccoli juice than it is to eat a cup of steamed broccoli.

When I started getting serious about my health, I would buy the bottles of “green juice” at Target. You know the ones with beautiful labels that lead you to believe it’s mostly green vegetables. I bought these all the time for me and the kids. They were delicious, and I thought I was buying a nutritious drink chock-full of vegetables. BUT THEN, I got smart and read the label. OMG!! Are you serious?!? Is what I thought to myself. These types of drinks are loaded Slide1with sugar. Every bottle contains over 50 grams of sugar. 


Here I was thinking I was doing a good thing for our health. I may as well have given the boys cookies. There would have been less sugar in those. No wonder the kids were always hungry an hour later. 

I knew I had to find a way to get boys, and me, to have more green veggies. But, neither I nor the boys liked green leafy vegetables, so I wanted to keep drinking them in smoothie form. Here is the green smoothie recipe that I came up with as an alternative to the store bought sugar bombs. This one is still a little sweet, so the kids still like it. However, it doesn’t have near the sugar. If you have really picky taste buds, you may want to increase the fruit at first, and then gradually reduce until you can drink an almost pure veggie juice. It takes a few months, but it is possible to get kids to drink a green juice smoothie without anything sweet.  We started with this sweeter green smoothie recipe, my kiddos now drink an even healthier green smoothie. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner every night, the family drinks a pure vegetable smoothie with kale or broccoli as the base.  If you want to try the green smoothie recipe we started with, check out the recipe below.

Dad’s Homemade Green “Gadget” 4

Green Smoothie Recipe
  • 3 cups of raw organic baby spinach
  • 1 cup of frozen or fresh pineapple (avoid canned as it contains added sugar)
  • 2 cups of water (could be more or less depending on how thick/thin you like your smoothie)


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Add more water to thin out and make it the consistency of juice if that is your preference. If you still have trouble getting your kiddos to drink it, you could add raw honey to the mix as well. You may decide you want to start with the sweeter version with honey. Your kids may see green in the glass and automatically say yuck. Be persistent. Once they try this green smoothie, they will like it. My kids drank it fine, but I needed mine sweeter so, I had to use the raw honey at first.


If you enjoy my green smoothie recipe, please share. Leave a comment. Did you try Dad’s Green Gadget Smoothie?

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