EMFs and Health: Do Electromagnetic Frequencies Really Impact Our Health

EMFs and health is a topic that has been on my mind more and more lately. I’ve heard about the potential health effects that things like wifi, cell phones, and power lines can have, but I pushed it to the back of my mind. I used to think that nothing could really be done to reduce my exposure or more importantly my son with autism’s exposure. However, EMF expert and former autism Dad, Peter Sullivan, is here to say that there are plenty of things we can do.

EMFs and Health: Do wireless signals impact our health

I’m Simply a Dad Live w/Peter Sullivan

In my interview with Peter, we will discussing ways to reduce exposure for us all, but we’ll also talk about what we can do for our kids specifically. Focusing on the sleeping environment will play a huge role. Peter and I will dive deeper into what exactly are EMFs. You’ll also hear his remarkable story and learn how he went from a Silicon Valley techie to EMF advocate.

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EMFs and Health: My Concerns

Like many kids on the autism spectrum, my son, Ethan, is attached to his iPad. It’s like a security blanket for him. It gives him a sense of control in a world that can seem overwhelming sometimes. He is constantly playing on his device and/or watching a movie streamed from the internet. Both of which are big sources of EMF exposure for him.

Now, I personally can do things to reduce my wireless exposure. I turn my phone to airplane mode when it’s in my pocket, and I usually try to have it in a drawer when at home. My other 2 children have limits on their screen time, but for Ethan placing limits on his screen time is more challenging.

He has severe autism. Autism in my life is not the quirky kid or genius doctor you see on TV. It’s not like I can turn the TV off and tell him to go play with toys, read a book, or go play outside like I do with my other children. If I need to get something done around the house or if I want to play with the other kids, then Ethan needs to be occupied with something.

EMFs and Health: “That can’t be good.”

Ethan doesn’t have free reign over his screen anymore, but he does still have a large amount of screen time each day. The good news is that it’s been cut in half lately, and I’m happy about that. However, whenever I see him holding his iPad in his lap near his precious organs, there’s a voice in my head that says, “oh that can’t be good. I wish I could do something about that.”


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As I prep for my interview with EMF expert Peter Sullivan, I’m learning more and more about the health effects EMFs can have. Inflammation, oxidation, DNA damage, and mitochondrial disruption, are potential impacts from wireless radiation. However, the one that concerns me the most, is stress.

EMFs and Health: Your Body Is Under Attack

EMF exposure triggers the fight or flight response in our nervous system. It makes the body feel like it’s under attack, so it takes steps to make sure we are ready to either fight the attack or run to safety. When the body is in this mode, it increases heart rate and breathing, and constricts blood vessels. There’s also a cascade of chemicals and hormones produced to make all this happen.

On the flip side, it decreases things like digestion, repair, recovery, and detoxification. When the body is in constant fight or flight mode, it stops properly digesting food and no longer works to rid itself of toxins or do routine maintenance on its’ cells.

It’s important to get the body out of “fight or flight” or sympathetic mode and into the “rest and digest” or parasympathetic mode. It’s important for all of our health to be in this rest and digest phase, but for autism it is even more critical.

All of our holistic treatments of autism have to do with the body repairing damage and removing toxins. Your body simply will not do that if it is under chronic stress, so lessening the exposure to things that cause stress is crucial. Anything you can do to signal to the body, that everything is safe, will trigger the rest and digest functions. Often times, the behaviors and symptoms of autism are less severe as well.


EMFs and Health: Should you turn off the wifi

Ending the Autism Epidemic

Peter Sullivan believes that there are simple steps that we can take to end the continual rise of autism today. Having recovered both of his own sons from autism, perhaps we should take his advice seriously.

EMFs and Health: What Can We Do?

I’m looking forward to my conversation with Peter Sullivan. Find out more on EMFs and health. What they are and we can do to protect ourselves and our families. If you missed the live stream, watch the replay below.


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