Quick & Easy Paleo Dinner

Tonight is a work night for me, but I still want to make sure dinner is ready for the family.  I know Heather, my wife, will not want to do much cooking or cleaning when she gets home from school today. She put it 11 hours yesterday at school because of parent-teacher conference day. I know she also plans on working tonight after the kids go to bed, so I want to do my part to make it as easy as possible for her tonight since she will be flying solo. To demonstrate how easy eating paleo can be, I’ve decided to simultaneously make dinner and create a short & quick blog post as well.


To make things super simple tonight, I’m going to do a one-pot meal. I peeled and chopped about 15 carrots yesterday, so that will be our veggie for tonight. I happen to have a whole chicken thawed in the fridge too. Roasted Chicken & Carrots for dinner it is!




Carrots (peeled & chopped)

Kerry Gold Butter


Bone Broth


Super Easy Paleo Dinner Recipe   5 Minutes!

  • Throw the carrots into a roasting pan.
  • Set the Chicken on top.
  • Stuff a few squares of Kerry Gold butter under the chicken’s skin.
  • Pour about a cup of bone broth over the top of everything to keep it from drying out.
  • Salt/Pepper and into the oven.


I cook mine for about an hour on 350. At 4:00, I will pull it out of the oven. Set it on the counter, and head off to work. By the time everyone gets home at 4:20, it will be ready for carving. The family will have a tasty 100% paleo dinner with little clean up and little stress. That way they can focus on having fun and being together. Maybe, they’ll spend the evening playing in the backyard instead of spending most of the night cooking and cleaning.


Yum Yum

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