Prettiest Meatloaf Ever- 1st Birthday Paleo Smash Cake

My baby girl just turned 1, and she had a blast digging into her 1st
birthday cake. She smeared pink icing all over her face, all over the table, and Daddy too. What was great about this cake is that I was 100% healthy and 100% paleo.

IMG_6750When discussing what to do for this paleo smash cake, it was important to both Mom and myself that Kaitlyn have the fun of smashing into her first birthday cake, but I didn’t feel right about giving her the traditional sugar-laden birthday cake.

A Paleo Smash Cake Like No Other

I decided to go completely out of the box. How about make her a cake that wasn’t actually a cake at all? Her favorite food is meat. (aside from Mom’s milk of course) Bam! I got it! I’ll make her a meatloaf. I told my wife, and she lo
oked at me with a frightened, concerned look. She says, I want her to have a cute girly cake! How would you make a meatloaf that was cute and girly. “Honey, just trust me. I can do it.” Here is a picture of the girliest, dare I say most adorable meatloaf you will see.

Paleo Smash Cake with Sugar Free Icing

For this Paleo Smash Cake, I made a traditional meatloaf but used coconut flour instead of breadcrumbs. The icing is made of organic vegetables, grass-fed butter, and palm shortening. The pink “icing” is actually turnip puree colored with a tiny bit of beet juice. The flower is made from beets and squash while the green piping is pureed peas and spinach. I’ve made some great cakes for my IMG_6789boys in the past. This paleo smash cake is by far my favorite because I can serve it to my baby girl and know that what I am giving her is still healthy and nutritious. I even got an excited “ooohhh that is sooo cute” from Mom.

I had a Happy Mom & a Happy baby, which made me a Happy Dad.







What do you think of my meatloaf cake?

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Would you be up to giving your 1 year old a savory, paleo smash cake or should I have gone the traditional route?


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